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Pod Salt Core 20mg Salt Nicotine E-liquid in Dubai | 30ml E-juice

د.إ 40.00

Pod Salt Core 20mg 30ml Salt Nic E-liquid:
E-liquid: 30ml.
Salt Nicotine: 20mg.
VG/PG: 50%/50%.
Award-winning e-liquid. British made.
18 available flavors.

Pod Salt Core 20mg Salt Nicotine E-liquid

Pod Salt Core 20mg Salt Nicotine, British made award-winning 30ml e-liquid is available now in Dubai. It is the best e-juice right now in the vape market. You can use it in your best Salt Nic pod device. pod salt core has 18 available flavors, all are very different and attractive. Maybe many of them can be your favorite flavors. It will give you very smooth vaping experience. Because there is 20mg nicotine salt in every 30ml e-liquid bottle. Any hot summer day, Rainy season, Winter morning, Spring night; pod salt core can be your best companion.


Blueberry Mist: Blueberry’s soft sweetness and a bit of acidy tartness you can get in this flavor. Also, it has refreshing menthol flavor included. When you will inhale and exhale the puffs you will feel refresh.

Grape: Grape has sweetness, tartness, acidy touch, bitterness. But in this flavor your taste buds will get Grape juicy sweetness and tartness. you can enjoy it more in any hot summer day.

Apple: Fresh apple fruity sweetness and a bit of sourness you can taste in this flavor.

Watermelon Breeze: Smooth mouth-watering soft watermelon juicy flavor you can discover in this flavor. Soft sweetness, watery calmness and breeze icy touch; all are in only one flavor that is watermelon breeze.

Blueberry Pomegranate: Blueberry and pomegranate both have sweetness and tartness. It is always an attractive combination when those two are included in one flavor. That is Blueberry pomegranate.

Blue Raspberry: This is a very charming flavor. It has sour sharpness and depth sweetness. You can feel a nice natural fruity taste in Blue Raspberry flavor.

Mango Ice: This is one of the best flavors for vape users. It is smooth sweet-tasting fruity flavor. It has very refreshing taste. Also, there is ice mix, perfect to have in summer.

Classic Tobacco: Real Dry Tobacco leaf flavor is included in this flavor. Also, there is a sweet undertone you can feel in this flavor.

Cuban Creme: This is a very different flavor. Creamy sweetness and softness you can get in this flavor.

Strawberry: It has fresh strawberry sweetness; Pod Salt Core 20mg Therefore, you can enjoy it any season of the year.

Double Apple: There are two popular kind of apple fruit available. Those are red apple and green apple. In this flavor you can get red apple sweetness and green apple tartness.

Banana Ice: Banana is one of the most favorite flavors for many people, they like banana flavor also when they want to choose e-liquid for vaping. In this flavor they can find sweet banana taste. There is ice mix also.

Ice Mint: It has refreshing menthol taste. You can feel so fresh yourself when you vape with ice mint e-liquid. It has icy undertone also.

Cola Lime: Moderate-soft-sweet cola taste with lime tartness you can get in this flavor.

Mixed Berries Ice: This is very popular juice flavor. Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry: So many berries taste are combined in this flavor. If you try it once, it can be your best flavor for all time.

Pod Salt Core 20mg 30ml Salt Nic E-liquid Features:

E-liquid in each bottle: 30ml
Salt Nicotine Strength: 20mg
VG/PG Ratio: 50%/50%

Best Price in Dubai UAE:

1 Piece pod salt core 30ml bottle price 40 AED. Before it was 45 AED per bottle. So, now you are getting 5 AED discount in each bottle. It is our best price, best offer.

Flavors Option

Apple, Banana Ice, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Mist, Blueberry Pomegranate, Classic Tobacco, Cola Lime, Cuban Cream, Double Apple, Grape, Ice Mint, Lemon Slice, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Mixed Berries Ice, Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Breeze


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